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BeFive Smart Ball - How to Play

1. Press Start Button to buy balls. Balls are fed from the dispenser at the right top of the cabinet.

2. Press and hold space bar in your keyboard or white button on the right side of cabinet to launch a ball.

3. You are awareded with balls as your ball enters into any of "safe holes" in the playfield.

4. Press on the Payout button or "P" key in your keyboard to exchange remaining balls in the screen for credits. 1 ball is exchanged to 1 credit.

You can rotate the game scene by dragging the screen with your mouse. Right click dragging changes pan and mouse wheel allow you to change the zooming.

Keyboard shortcuts. SPACE BAR: shoot a ball. P: Payout. S: Start. F: Full screen. C: Reset camera position. T: toggle control panel.

Note: Balls are sometimes clogged. Try "Payout" to clear off balls from the playfield.